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Heet Expanded Metal:


Expanded Metal is a metallic sheet that is opened by stretching. It is like screen that has enormous uses. This production facility is newly started in Heet.

Expanded Metal can be produced in a wide range of materials commonly;
• Aluminium
• Galvanized Steel
• Stainless Steel
Expanded Metal can be either raised or flattened format each has its use in industry.

It is a line of production that can take both sleets of size up to 2.44 or sheet in coils. Two machine is included in this lihe depending on the shape of the opens (whether flattened or raised).
The first product is the expanded metal ope1ing by feeding either a sheet in coil and the machine will automatically pull the steel, shape it and cut it to size. If it is required to have the product flattened then the mesh should be feed to the flattening machine.

Uses Of Expanded Metal:

Expanded Metal can be used in various ways. It can be used in safety railing of machinery, booth cable protective net in power station, ventilation windows, air filtered tanks. It is also used in agriculture for fencing. In summary here is a list of some common uses:
• Walk Way Mesh
• Security Grills
• Agriculture
• Acoustic Installation
• FiItration
• Furniture
• Cathodic Protection
• Industrial Adds (Air-conditioners
• More over it is used in wall ceilings to resist cracking and to give key to plastering where insulating materials are used.

Corner (Angle) Bead & Plaster Stop :

Angle bead and plaster stop is a metallic profile expanded and partially solid. For Angle bead, the solid part be in the middle side (along the piece)would be expanded. While the plaster stop has thè expanded metal on the side and the other side would be formed in a closed angle.


Angle bead provides a true straight arris, protects and reinforces plaster to minimize chances of cracking with expanded mesh wings, firmly embedded in the plaster. Plaster stop bead provides better edges of plasterwork, ensuring protection against chips, cracks and impact damage. The bead firmly embedded in the plaster provides a true straight line and reinforces the plaster where it is most vulnerable. It offers the perfect solution to the problem of thermal movements in plaster.

Brick Reinforcement Coils:

It is expanded metal with low thickness (.4, 5) that comes in rolls. Usually these rolls come in three standard widths: 4” (10cm), 6”: (15cm), and 8”(20cm). This has numerous applications in all types of buildings where extra and stability is required as in footings and parapets, etc.


When it is laid embedded in the mortar joining between brick or block work courses forms an integral structure of great tensile. Strength, which assists in the resistance to stresses vibration and thermal changes.

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